the daily purge 3-4-20

OK, let’s do this again. The Purging Lutheran’s debacle of a post on Monday is a reminder that webblobbing is serious sport. Mistakes made are mistakes pointed out. Believability falls through the roof and soon the reader is asking, “Do I trust his  judgement or is he a flimflam man?

Persistent Reader: Do I trust your judgement or are you a flimflam man?

The Purging Lutheran: That’s a great question. And it deserves a great answer but I’ll give you one anyway: Always trust the scripture at the bottom of each post otherwise you’ll wreck your favorite ‘fact checker’ site determining the veracity of what I write.*

The Purging Lutheran will stick with a coffee themed purge today. When you fall out of a coffee cup it’s best to face your fears and get right back in the mug. What we have today is a coffee bean grinder. When My Sweet Rib and I took drinking coffee seriously we thought we’d try to mix our own blends made from various beans bought at Big Box Food (
I think you know where this is going). After a year or so it just got boring to do and the coffee tasted the same no matter the mix. And. And. And.

We put it away in a cabinet beneath the forks and knives and it sat there for years until a few weeks ago. Thank you, bean cruncher. We hardly knew ye.


Proverbs 10:12

Hatred starts fights,
    but love pulls a quilt over the bickering.



*at least in this particular parallel universe


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