the daily purge 1-30-20

Indiana University won it’s latest men’s basketball tournament in 1987. Since then Bobby Knight was booted out, Kelvin Sampson got the bum’s rush for making ‘illegal’ phone calls to recruits (which are legal now in the NCAA), Tom Crean inherited a mess and was unceremoniously dumped and now we have Archie Miller who is having a tough time of it. The Purging Lutheran will always be an IU fan however I’m not so devoted that My Sweet Rib and I will donate dollars to the ‘die Universität’. Kāpēc? Indiana, that big banana, already has at least hundreds of dollars in their coffers sitting their drawing interest on its passbook savings account. Our public monies already support their classes such as 

Gender and Computerization

Intermediate Sanskrit 2

Jewish Cooking

Ballroom Dancing

The Music of The Beatles

and math, grammar and other stuff.

But back to important stuff. Basketball. If IU decides to get serious about upgrading its men’s bball program I would at least consider a donation to the boys in Bloomington (but probably not). Read this and weep, IU trustees. Anywot, in to the trash these go.


Jonah 2:8

Those who pay regard to vain idols
    forsake their hope of steadfast love.

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