the daily purge 1-23-20


Through The Purging Lutheran’s excessive photo-fiddling skills I was able to make this magazine basket look like a highly coveted basket which could be used for just about anything. Well, as long as it fits. Your SUV wouldn’t fit in there very well but many items would. Oranges would fit. Grains of sand would fit. Many Bibles and a commentary or two would fit. Slippers, shoes and neckties, too, but in our case we used it for magazines and the occasional catalogue. Yar!, but which magazines, matey? As the years have rolled past My Sweet Rib and I have subscribed to various periodicals*. World Magazine is a constant one. Lutheran Witness another. Men’s Health had been one but I let the subscription run out when it changed editors and began using more tart language. Catalogues would include those selling Baltic jewelry, new and used cars & trucks, ship cruises and train vacations and even a crossword and sudoku magazine or two. So why get rid of it? Well, every now and then, MSR goes on ‘puttering’ sprees where stuff stacks up and she’s just gotta clear the clutter. It’s a sickness she has but not one without a positive outcome (a tidy home). As it turns out this magazine basket was the home of many hopelessly outdated brochures and newsletters. Do we really need a service folder from the Advent season of 2015? Are the prices of ‘new’ 2012 Hondas still relevant? Do I still need World Magazine’s ‘favorite summer reads of 2017’? Yeah … no.

To repeat: So why get rid of it? Because MSR didn’t want it. How can I fight that logic? So out it goes. Life can be simple if you let it be simple.
Jeremiah 17:7-8

“But blessed is the man who trusts me, God,
    the woman who sticks with God.
They’re like trees replanted in Eden,
    putting down roots near the rivers—
Never a worry through the hottest of summers,
    never dropping a leaf,
Serene and calm through droughts,
    bearing fresh fruit every season.


*thanks, synonym finder!

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