the daily purge 1-10-20

The Purging Lutheran shall purge two books with one brick today.

My father was a carpenter for his entire life and because of that some people always assumed his ‘measure twice, cut once’ DNA supply-sided its way down to me. Not so, Persistent Reader! My father trusted me to sweep the shop, throw bits and pieces of wood into the fire and answer phone calls, none of which were experience needed to build a china cabinet or fine set of bookshelves.

Years ago My Sweet Rib and I were interested in adding a deck to the back of our home here in Central Indiana. We bought books such as these to get an idear of how to do it. There wasn’t any threat that I would buy the lumber, dig post holes and the quadrillion other aspects of raising the value of our home. Had I taken the decisive first step to build a porch there is little doubt it would have resembled Homer Simpson’s design and construction of Powell Motor’s, the Homer, an $82,000 ‘family car-sports car’ hybrid (in a backyard sort of way).


Features include two bubble domes; one in the front, while the one in the back is for quarreling kids, and comes with optional restraints and muzzles.

– According to Homer, the engine sound causes people to think “the world’s coming to an end.”

– There are three horns, as Homer claims that “you can never find a horn when you’re mad.” The three horns play the song “La Cucaracha.”

– The car also features gigantic cupholders, which actually became a feature on many cars in the 1990s onward.

– The car has various outdated features such as bubble domes, shag carpeting, and tailfins.

– It also has a metal bowler as a hood ornament.
So what to do, what to do? I once worked with a woman who told me,

“Money is the best time-saving device ever invented”.

Thank you, Sue Wilson.

And that was that. We now have a wunderbar deck in the back of the house vis a hots tub and electric awning*. These books have been offered up as tribute to Mother Earth.

Hebrews 3:1-6

So, my dear Christian friends, companions in following this call to the heights, take a good hard look at Jesus. He’s the centerpiece of everything we believe, faithful in everything God gave him to do. Moses was also faithful, but Jesus gets far more honor. A builder is more valuable than a building any day. Every house has a builder, but the Builder behind them all is God. Moses did a good job in God’s house, but it was all servant work, getting things ready for what was to come. Christ as Son is in charge of the house.


*NOT the name of a band but it should be. Honestly, a better name would be ‘Electric Yawning’.

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