the daily pork 11-1-19


The author of Know Your Groceries is named Frederick Blaine Humphrey. He was born in New York ~1876 and died in California, 1952. ‘Humphrey’ is not a common surname. Please do not mistake him for Minnesotan politician, Hubert Horatio Humphrey. It’s an easy-to-make error. Another easy doink! is to mistake Frederick Blaine Humphrey for professional typesetter, Hubert Blaine Wolfe­schlegel­stein­hausen­berger­dorff Sr. Yes, it’s a real name. The bloggonet sez so. Do not mistake this last name with the name of our local mythical, hairy beast in yesterday’s post,

the Olio Hüêrbergöęrbįnscheÿkkenschloùbendrœf’.


Persistent (but aggravated) Reader: ((sigh)) Will you get on with it?

The Purging Lutheran: Of, course. I found this little blurrbyblurb for this book while doing my due diligence for you, dear reader. I copy. I paste. Voila!

“Know Your Groceries (1931) takes an unexpected twist, spiraling into something called “biochesspathy”, “natural dianetics”, and somehow “applying the natural science of the Bible…to the philosophy of youth and health”.”

I think you get the point of this book. Which is good because I don’t.

2 Kings 6:1-7

One day the guild of prophets came to Elisha and said, “You can see that this place where we’re living under your leadership is getting cramped—we have no elbow room. Give us permission to go down to the Jordan where each of us will get a log. We’ll build a roomier place.”

Elisha said, “Go ahead.”

One of them then said, “Please! Come along with us!”

He said, “Certainly.”

4-5 He went with them. They came to the Jordan and started chopping down trees. As one of them was felling a timber, his axhead flew off and sank in the river.

“Oh no, master!” he cried out. “And it was borrowed!”

The Holy Man said, “Where did it sink?”

The man showed him the place.

He cut off a branch and tossed it at the spot. The axhead floated up.

“Grab it,” he said. The man reached out and took it.

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