the daily boat 10-18-19

The Purging Lutheran came across this title years ago while soifing the interwobblenet. It’s a real live book how to avoid huge ships while operating a smaller ship. Not being a boat owner I’m not at liberty to comment on its contents.


There are a slew of reviews at Amazon from readers who appear to have first-hand experiences. or at least a great fear, of huge ships. Here are but a few:

Uremawife Nowdave complained:

As an individual plagued with chronic constipation and bowel distress for most of my adult life, I felt that my prayers had finally been answered by Captain Trimmer’s bold and succinct title. You can imagine my disappointment when I realized that, once again, my dyslexia had let me down.

Bill gratefully reviewed:

When on my jet ski in the Chesapeake bay this summer I was confronted by a huge ship moving up the channel. You can imagine my horror when I realized I had only 1 hour and 45 minutes or so before the lumbering behemoth was sure to pass through my area. With no place to hide and only a water jet propelled small craft beneath me for transport, I quickly withdrew my Kindle Fire from the storage compartment beneath my seat and preceded to read the book How To Avoid Huge Ships. One hour later and with only 45 minutes to spare, I implemented the expert advice provided by the author and turned my jet ski in the opposite direction of the huge ship to avoid certain disaster.

And, lastly, a review from a huge ship itself.

Sam (the huge ship) implores:

As a huge ship myself, I’m appalled at the apparent complicity that people are demonstrating with the racist ideals of this book. Had Captain Trimmer ever taken the time to get to know a huge ship, instead of simply running the other direction, he might have found that many huge ships are gentle, docile giants. Instead, he has chosen to alienate the huge ship community, because of his fear and lack of understanding.

Huge ships such as myself are often sensitive about our weight and size, and books such as this do nothing to reduce the self-consciousness and shame felt by members of the huge ship community. Not all of us can be sleek speedboats; just because we’re larger doesn’t make us any less beautiful. How would you all like it I were to write a book entitled “How To Avoid Tiny Humans?” See? That’s hurtful, isn’t it?

Next time you encounter a huge ship, say hello. Introduce yourself. You might just find you’ve got more in common that you thought. Huge ships are people, too.


Matthew 7:12 The Message (MSG)
12 “Here is a simple, rule-of-thumb guide for behavior: Ask yourself what you want people to do for you, then grab the initiative and do it for them. Add up God’s Law and Prophets and this is what you get.

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