the daily purge 7-16-19


The Purging Lutheran readily admits I know hardly anything about the Amish lifestyle but if I had to muster up a guess at what an Amish woman’s shoes looked like, they would be these. They are black, appear easy to slip on (and off) and, frankly, a little ‘clunky’ looking. That’s not a criticism only an observation.

What are they doing in My Sweet Rib’s tub of donatable shoe wear? I have lived with MSR for decades upon decades and still she will say something, sing something, or mention something about something, somebody or somewhere which I would never have guessed she knew anything about. So it would not surprise me if she came out of the pole barn and admitted to have lived a Mennonite lifestyle or raised in Northern Indiana as part of the Amish society. That’s a wife for you.

Joshua 22:15-18

They went to the Reubenites, Gadites, and the half-tribe of Manasseh and spoke to them: “The entire congregation of God wants to know: What is this violation against the God of Israel that you have committed, turning your back on God and building your own altar—a blatant act of rebellion against God? Wasn’t the crime of Peor enough for us? Why, to this day we aren’t rid of it, still living with the fallout of the plague on the congregation of God! Look at you—turning your back on God! If you rebel against God today, tomorrow he’ll vent his anger on all of us, the entire congregation of Israel.

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