the daily purge 10-23-18

If you are standing on this door mat you wouldn’t be standing in front of The Purging Lutheran’s front door, or even in my garage where this picture was taken. But you also wouldn’t be standing knee-deep in a hill of garbage somewhere in South Dakota or Eastern Montana. Until I read up on landfills…… Continue reading the daily purge 10-23-18

the daily purge 10-22-18

If The Purging Lutheran was a doctor, witch doctor, specialist, surgeon, MD, bones, doc, healer, intern, extern, medic, quack, sawbones, GP, dresser, druggist, epidemiologist, exorcist, gastroenterologist, houseman, mendelevium, midwife, nurse, oculist, operator, opthamologist, country doctor, house physician, medical examiner, resident physician,  attending physician, physician in ordinary, medical woman, or navy surgeon  I would be both delighted and…… Continue reading the daily purge 10-22-18

the view from the pew 10-21-18

So here’s something that happens in Lutheran services just before Holy Communion: Pastor: The Lord be with you. Congregation: And also with you. Pastor: Lift up your hearts. Congregation: We lift them to The Lord. Pastor: It is indeed good, right and salutary … The pastor continues with a prayer about how fortunate we are…… Continue reading the view from the pew 10-21-18

the daily purge 10-19-18

This feller’s got some yuge, sausage-ish fingers. You can tell he’s supposed to be a tough guy but not by the fact he’s got yuge sausage-ish fingers and is wearing massive elephantine hockey goalie Uggs. How messy is the ground where he lives? He can’t be fighting all the time, it’d probably help to clean…… Continue reading the daily purge 10-19-18

the daily purge 10-18-18

Let’s get this out of the way first – look at the main character’s name and be done with it. Are you done laughing now? Oh, grow up! The author of this book is from Norway so the main character’s last name is pronounced ” ho-lee’ “. Puh-leez, it’s not that funny! The author’s name…… Continue reading the daily purge 10-18-18

the daily purge 10-17-18

Yog! The mysteries in our world are nearly innumerable. Did you know there are animals who actually feast on wasps? They are known as ‘vespivores’. These include bears, badgers, bats, weasels, rats and dragonflies. But what about the nasty stingers? Some animals eat around them, others rub the wasp against a tree thus removing the stinger,…… Continue reading the daily purge 10-17-18

the daily purge 10-16-18

What’s this? Something NOT a bad guy-themed video game? Whoa-ho-ho! Obviously this is a television remote control and if you stick your nose right up to the screen you might notice why this is being sent away to nowheresville, baby. (go ahead, The Purging Lutheran will wait … tum-dee-dum-dum, ooh-la-dee-dah-dee-doo) OK, that ought to do…… Continue reading the daily purge 10-16-18