the daily purge 10-30-18

Beach combers, landlubbers and polliwogs*(?) recognize this as a ‘beach chair’, a chair you set on where the ocean meets the land. It’s a low-rider model which means it’s nearly impossible to get out of even if you are a healthy dame or fella. Your bottom is only a few inches above sea shells and sand crabs but it’s more comfortable than a high-rise beach chair and less likely to topple over during a fast wind or tall wave. The Purging Lutheran and My Sweet Rib attended a The Beach Boys concert in downtown Central Indiana a few years back. We bought seats near the front. They were low-rider beach chairs.

You: Aw, jeez. Really?

Me: Yes. Rilly.

The opening act, The Temptations, squished most of their popular songs into medleys so there was no real reason to stand up to tap your toes. The Beach Boys, however, put on a proper concert, playing entire songs but none of that medley nonsense. When they played “Do You Wanna Dance?“, “Help Me, Rhonda“, “Rock and Roll Music“, “Barbara Ann” and “Good Vibrations” one after the other, who wanted to sit down? Frankly, it wasn’t the sitting or the standing which was the issue but the transition from one to the other. Sitting that low made it tough to achieve full buttage from a standing position and versy-vicey.

As it is we have no beach near us and as MSR said, “We aren’t going to bring this chair on a plane with us when we do go to the beach” (we only fly to beaches now instead of driving). Adios, semi-comfy chair!

3 John 1:2

Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.


*polliwog is a synonym for ‘landlubber’. Look it up. A polliwog is a baby frog and a landlubber is a non-sailor. OK, a frog isn’t a sailor but neither is a pinch valve, does that make it a synonym for landlubber? The English language is arfully odd.

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