the daily purge 10-29-18

Really? This is why dinosaurs had to die? Buried deep in the Earth, squished and transformed into that mysterious elixir called petroleum*, coaxed to the surface through an oil rig, made into various combustible fuels, hard plastic forks and this rubberized floor runner. Oh, the chair counts, also, but it’s not being purged. Yet.

Why is this runner being given the old heave-ho? Because we only have one cat. MySweet Rib, The Lad, Our Marta and The Purging Lutheran have owned up to five cats in the years we’ve lived in our present home. Three have died, one moved out to live in Chicago taking Our Marta with her to live as ‘two kitties in the city’ of Chicago. That left us with Grande’, The Lad’s four-legged furball. Up until then the cats would occasionally have bladder freak-outs and pee-pee against the walls. To prevent them from ruining carpets and walls I rolled these runners along the walls and floors to save the woodwork. It worked mostly and has been cleaned up since ‘those’ days. Fortunately, Grande’ is a pretty normal feline and uses his human approved litter box.


Thanks, rubberized floor runners, ya done well.


Isaiah 32:18-20

My people will live in peaceful dwelling places,
    in secure homes,
    in undisturbed places of rest.
Though hail flattens the forest
    and the city is leveled completely,
how blessed you will be,
    sowing your seed by every stream,
    and letting your cattle and donkeys range free.



*oil (pronounced ‘earl’ in some Appalachian states)

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