the daily purge 10-23-18

If you are standing on this door mat you wouldn’t be standing in front of The Purging Lutheran’s front door, or even in my garage where this picture was taken. But you also wouldn’t be standing knee-deep in a hill of garbage somewhere in South Dakota or Eastern Montana. Until I read up on landfills I believed landfills were just mountains of garbage stinkin’ up the joint, filled with rodents and seagulls picking over bread crumbs and banana peels.

It turns out that most of the trash toted away from your garbage can is sorted through with plastics, glass, metals and other hard objects sifted from the really smelly stuff. Those items are recycled to become new door mats, door handles, door hinges, door windows, rubber door stoppers, and rubber, glass, and metal crafted in tandem to create peep holes for doors*. The really smelly stuff is then sent to places, including South Dakota and Eastern Montana, but more likely in towns nearby where you live.

Question: But why don’t I smell it?

Answer: Because garbage technology has sprung forward generations from the days of my father tossing stuff in the creek in our back yard. Now, landfills are carefully prepared with clay bottoms lined with plastic sheets to contain fluids from leaking into tree roots, meadows and rivers just down the road a holler. After so many feet high, your old gunk is covered with clay and plastic, and dirt heaped upon it. Flowers, bushes and grass are planted atop it and voila! – what garbage?


Proverbs 12:27

A lazy life is an empty life,
    but “early to rise” gets the job done.


*I see you!

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