the daily purge 7-7-17


Marge, it takes two to lie. One to lie and one to listen.” ~ Homer Simpson

The Purging Marge bought this bottle of Homer a few cats ago. What lies am I talking about?

No Stress – Cats and I still engage in stress.

Calming Spray – Cats and I are not regularly calm.

Quick Results Formula – I am still waiting for any positive results. Cats don’t care.

Are there any truths to this? Yes.

Non-sedating Formula – No cats or owners were sedated using this product.

Long-lasting concentrated formula – This is still mostly full.

Picture of smiling cats – They know they beat the system.

Now, don’t you fret, Persistent Readers, My Sweet Rib and I have other failed cat training products to foist upon your valuable free time.


Proverbs 21:6

Make it to the top by lying and cheating;
get paid with smoke and a promotion—to death!


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