the daily purge 6-21-17


Today is the summer solstice, or in Latvia, Jāņi ([jɑːɲi]), an annual Latvian festival celebrating the summer solstice. On Jāņi all people travel from the city into the countryside to gather and eat, drink, sing and celebrate the solstice by observing the ancient folk traditions relating to renewal and fertility. and fertlity.

Precious Cat Ultra Litter Attractant has nothing to do with today’s holiday.

The Purging Lutheran bought this product to coerce our fumey felines to use the appropriate porta-potties made specifically for their delicate heinies. Instructions say to sprinkle this product on the kitty litter then step back! and watch the cats crowd around for a pooperthon.

Lies! All lies!

If you peer closely, you’ll note that this failed product looks like that famous spaghetti ingredient, oregano. But is it a failed product? Are cats actually attracted to this attractant but only suffer from shy bladders? One way to find out is to add Precious Cat to your spaghetti sauce. If after you’ve dipped and ladled it on to your plate of noodles, does the cat slowly walk across the dinner table, sniff the plate, then slowly circle the meatballs and lay on your dinner to take a nap? If so, then yes the product works and your cats only need professional counseling to overcome their fears of p**ing in public.


Genesis 8:22

For as long as Earth lasts,
planting and harvest, cold and heat,
Summer and winter, day and night
will never stop.”




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