the daily purge 5-22-17

  What is a paintbrush? A paintbrush, with parts identified, is: Bristles: Transfer paint onto the substrate surface (the brush-y part) Ferrule: Retains the bristles and attaches them to the handle (the metal-y part) Handle: The intended interface between the user and the tool (the wooden-y part) The paintbrush, above, has bristles with hardened paint…… Continue reading the daily purge 5-22-17

the view from the pew 5-21-17

These beautiful flowers were a gift to me from my sister, Inara, via the Latvian church in Indianapolis. It was my 60th birthday yesterday so I had the pleasure of friends sending me notices, a grrrrreat meal at Fat Dan’s (order Dirty Tots or just never eat again, your choice), followed by a wonderful afternoon…… Continue reading the view from the pew 5-21-17

the daily purge 5-19-17

A grateful nation cheers as “Non-adventures in Cooking Week” comes to a merciful end. Egg Replacer. Replaced with what? Reading the box tells you what it is not. There are no eggs. OK, The Purging Lutheran thinks that makes sense. It contains no animal protein. That’s not something I would have considered but it sounds reasonable.…… Continue reading the daily purge 5-19-17

the daily purge 5-18-17

“Non-adventures in Cooking Week” continues … still. Let The Purging Lutheran just get to what you’re thinking: chia pets and chia heads. Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, bulls, bears, Bart, Bugs and Bob(Sponge). Mr. T, Taz, and Tweety. Daffy, Donkey and dinosaurs. And bunny, pig, and frog. But really, what is a chia seed?…… Continue reading the daily purge 5-18-17

the daily purge 5-17-17

Wednesday is ‘lump day’ as “Non-adventures in Cooking Week” continues … It’s taters. Taters The Purging Lutheran found hiding behind a box of something else. These taters could have been made into a bowl of mashed potatoes, with or without lumps, but because lactic acid builds up in the mashing arm, it tires and many…… Continue reading the daily purge 5-17-17