the daily purge 5-26-17


It’s Gasket Friday here on the daily purge. The Purging Lutheran welcomes all gaskets regardless of design, material or flange. A gasket is a piece of rubber or other material used to make a tight seal between two parts that are joined together. Gaskets help engines from blowing up from extreme pressures caused by exploding gasses within cylinders.

What does it mean to ‘blow a gasket‘? Humans typically have a gasket inserted by God during pregnancy that makes a tight seal between the brain and the tongue. This serves to hold back the nasty thoughts in your head from reaching your tongue thus damaging relationships with hurtful words. These “baby gaskets” tend to break apart at two years of age and are replaced by “secondary gaskets” after about two years. These last until humans reach puberty. They slowly disintegrate over time and are replace by “adult gaskets” in the mid-20s. How effective they are depend less on natural influences but rather on nuturing and spiritual forces.

Proverbs 15:4

Kind words heal and help;
cutting words wound and maim.



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