the daily purge 5-15-17


May 15 through May 19 is “Non-adventures in Cooking Week” at the daily purge. Every so often The Purging Lutheran pokes through the kitchen pantry to see what food item I bought long ago that I rarely or never used and can be tossed out.

Question: Why not call it ‘Adventures in Cooking Week’?

Answer:  ‘Adventures in Cooking Week” would suggest I actually made a serious attempt at baking/making something to eat. This would have included my gloriously failed attempt at making beef stroganoff long, long ago. How failed? It was nicknamed ‘road patch’ by The Lad and quickly latched on to by Our Marta and My Sweet Rib. ‘Non-adventure’ suggests that I didn’t even bother to try or just gave a limp effort to create healthy calories.

What we have here today is a box of Pho, a Vietnamese meal My Sweet Rib discovered on a fact-finding mission she took some years ago to the Far East. She came back raving about this simple treat. While browsing the international food aisle at a local grocery I found ‘automatic pho in a box’. Popular Vietnamese chef, Hung Huynh, may very well be sickened at the thought of automatic pho. This particular box expired on 10/09/2015. It’s no surprise that MSR didn’t eat this. It’s no surprise that MSR didn’t eat this. It’s no surprise that MSR didn’t eat this.

Proverbs 23:1-3

When you go out to dinner with an influential person,
mind your manners:
Don’t gobble your food,
don’t talk with your mouth full.
And don’t stuff yourself;
bridle your appetite.




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