the daily purge 5-9-17


Being in solidarity with Jezebelle and her b&w eyesight, The Purging Lutheran also will see life in shades of grey. Or gray. Homophones are inevitable but why have two of them what mean the same thing? Then you have ‘Janis’ and ‘Janis’, homonyms but pronounced differently depending where you are. Not just pronounced differently but both used to name a human. Not just used to name a … Ah, never mind, what are you gonna do? Language is a funny critter.

Today’s purge is an early make I-phone. Did you know that these phones haven’t even existed for 10 years? It seems like they’ve been around forever taking videos of you committing major fails like driving a motorcycle into a bush, getting your hair caught in a kitchen mixer, or sawing a tree branch while on the wrong end. This particular phone has probably been used by at least My Sweet Rib, TPL and probably one of the kids. Our Marta had real racket going with our phone plan. She seemed to have a convenient accident with her existing phone when new ones were coming out. She had driven over them, pounded them with hamers and other common around-the-house accidents. My Sweet Rib relents and says,

Sure, Sweetheart, you can use my turn to get yourself a new phone. I’ll continue to use this wooden torch to make business calls.”

But now Our Marta has a big girl job and don’t need her momma no more.

Or does she? Of course she does. Our Marta is a sweet girl and loves her mother very much.
3 John 1:4
I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth.


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