the daily purge 5-5-17


Roll that beautiful bean footage.

Only Jay Bush and his dog, Duke, know the secret recipe to Bush Baked Beans. The Purging Lutheran used to not eat baked beans. Then one day my taste buds were switched from “NO baked beans” to ” YES baked beans” and from then on I have enjoyed the yummy deliciousness of baked beans. But NEVER pink beans served in a white, mucous-ish sauce. Are they kidney? Navy? When I was a wee bęrn in grade school, I’d be served a plop of pink beans served in a white, mucous-ish sauce. I respond to offers of these beans the same way I do communism, crazy be-bop jazz, grocery lane dividers, ear gauges, and crazy be-bop jazz: No Thanks! 

This particular can of beans somehow got shuffled to the rear of the top shelf in our kitchen cabinette. It was dated to be eaten by 12/2016. Oh, I suppose it was possible to eat these beans and survive but the weekend is coming and who wants to take the chance of spending Saturday and Sunday groaning and blurping in a semi-private room at the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital? Food poisoning isn’t even the kind of ailment doctors send you home with a basket full of pain killers either. So as I frequently say, “What’s the pernt?”

Mark 2:17   And Jesus, having heard, saith to them, ‘They who are strong have no need of a physician, but they who are ill; I came not to call righteous men, but sinners to reformation.’


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