the daily purge 4-26-17


Today’s purge consists of a shower curtain and its partner, liner. The liner, usually a clear plastic sheet, fits inside the tub to keep water from the showerhead raining onto the bathroom floor. The curtain is decorative but not always plastic as it can be a thin fabric as well. The curtain almost always is colored and has designs printed on it such as flowers, boots, happy people, fancy cars, stars and moons, Peanuts characters, and really just about anything you could want. For The Purging Lutheran’s family Christmas gift exchange, I gave a shower curtain with The Doors’ singer, Jim Morrison’s face printed on it. My niece, Edbert, has it and has presumeably hung it in her bathroom or maybe even flies it as a flag outside her apartment landing. Who can tell with kids these days?

Today’s purge is the liner and curtain out of The Lad’s bathroom. As with most young men, very little concern is displayed toward such ‘girly’ themes. He is a utilitarian when it comes to this sort of thing. His concern is ‘does it work? – yes or no’. ‘Yes’ means, fine, it works, no problem. ‘No’ means mom will take care of it. To any of you young kids out there thinking about getting married and raising a family, this will be an issue for you if you have a boy in the family.


Proverbs 29:15

Wise discipline imparts wisdom;
spoiled adolescents embarrass their parents.


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