the daily purge 4-24-17

WARNING! Today’s purge is not for the faint of heart. Read at your own discretion.


What do you get when you find coffee in a bag with ‘chocolate raspberry’ written in clear handwriting? You get, “BLEAH!”. This coffee is years and years old. How does The Purging Lutheran know this? Because it was years and years ago when I bothered to write anything in clear, easy-to-read cursive handwriting. Anymore, I sign checks and restaurant tabs with a series of circles or large loops. Sometimes I use grawlixes (typographical symbols standing for profanities, appearing in dialogue balloons in place of actual dialogue). Example below.


Without brewing this coffee I am certain it isn’t very pleasing. Did The Lord really create chocolate coffee beans? Did He ever consider creating raspberry coffee beans? If He didn’t dream of those then there’s no way, dude, He ever would have put chocolate and raspberry in a single bean. I might not know much about how God’s decision tree operates but I know, He being a kind and gracious God, would never have had those two flavors in the same forest together.

Job 41:24

“His heart is as hard as a stone, Even as hard as a lower millstone.

thx to mort w.


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