the daily purge 4-20-17


Years ago My Sweet Rib and The Purging Lutheran bought this garden ornament from The Garden Ornamentry online catalogue based out of Walla Walla, Washington. As it turned out, this decorative(?) piece of wrought iron was designed and crafted by Italian know-it-all, Galileo Galilei. It was his early design of the known solar system. It failed as a reliable astronomical model when one could look at it and clearly see that his solar system had no sun and only four planets. Not only that but it showed those four planets on courses to collide with each other on a semi-yearly basis. Galileo realized his error and trying to create a diversion added an arrow piercing his failed prototype. It was meant to represent a dance craze at the time, et punctum sternumenta (point and sneeze). We know it today as The Dab. This was roundly denounced by The Church as it was believed then, as in some cultures today, that the soul attempts to escape the human body during a sneeze. This is why we say “God bless you”, to rein the soul back in the body. To spare himself further humiliation, Galileo tossed it in the trash and moved on to design a pizza cutter with an Isosceles blade.

Known as ‘Galileo’s Foolishness’ this hunk of iron made it through the years, unchanged, finally ending up in our yard. Our home owners association put a lien against our house until we rid the neighborhood of this piece of junk science.

Job 26:7

He spreads out the northern skies over empty space;
he suspends the earth over nothing.


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