the daily purge 4-19-17


This is a portion of a shirt The Purging Lutheran bought from … Holy Cross Lutheran Church. Speaking of portions, did you know every human on Earth averages fewer than two legs?

Now back to our shirt. And it IS ‘our shirt’ because since its purge it belongs to the ages now, along side Abraham Lincoln. By the looks of it, it appears to be in pretty good shape. But what does the rest of the shirt look like? Frankly, I don’t remember so I’m going to put you to work, Persistent Reader. Here, fill in the blank.

“The problem with this shirt is __________________.”

If you suffer from cognitive dissonance* by believing a worn out shirt could be thrown away verses a shirt with a church name should never be thrown away (because, you know, it’s ‘religious’), and can’t come up with a sound problem, here are some that you might use:

1. … our puppy, Dr. Teeth, shredded the collar … with me in it.

2. … it converted to Catholicism.

3. … it used to be white but Pastor worked us so hard on Landscaping Saturday I can’t wash the sweat out.

I hope these help.

Genesis 37:29   Later Reuben came back and went to the cistern – no Joseph! He ripped his clothes in despair


* the discomfort experienced by simultaneously holding two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values


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