the daily purge 4-3-17


The The Purging Lutheran has been purging for four or five years by now. A common thread running through those years is “Why did we spend money on this?”. Today’s purge is another item that falls under the file name “head scratcher”. This is a box with a magnetic outerboard and inside it are pieces of magnetic tape with words writ upon them. If you pinch about a dozen words and place them on the outerboard you can write beatnik poetry like mine. Ordinarily, a beatnik wouldn’t use the word ‘dragon’ unless, of course, he meant the government or his ‘square’ parents, (real ‘L7′s, Daddio).

My Sweet Rib and I bought this for Our Marta. Did she use it? Sure, but then came personal computers and she quickly moved on from moving words around on a board to tapping them out on a screen. With or without this purge, she would have been drawn to the written word. Maybe it wasn’t a silly way to spend $$$ after all. Fast forward a few decades and Our Marta is still tapping it out on a screen. And she is very good at it. Do you want to know why? Yes? If so, read on. No? Keep reading anyway, it’ll be good for you.

Because she is fearless with her beliefs. 

That’s my little girl.

Job 41:18-21

“He snorts and the world lights up with fire,
he blinks and the dawn breaks.
Comets pour out of his mouth,
fireworks arc and branch.
Smoke erupts from his nostrils
like steam from a boiling pot.
He blows and fires blaze;
flames of fire stream from his mouth.


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