the daily purge 3-2-17


The The Purging Lutheran had a dream about this object last night. I donut know what it is but it figured prominently in my dream.

I dreamed I was able to point this object at a safe and it opened for me. Inside was a poster-sized puzzle piece in the shape of Estonia, one of the three Baltic sisters, Latvia and Lithuania being the other two. I took it and escaped in a taxi, maybe an Uber. I headed north to put it back where it belonged. Along the way the driver picked up another passenger who turned out to be a bad guy. He wanted my puzzle piece but I had to fight him back using this object. I pressed a button (it doesn’t have a button in real life) and it emitted a translucent electro-wave which made him walk uneasily enabling my escape. The end.

I woke up and ruminated on my dream. Unlike the Old Testament’s Joseph, I was unable to interpret my dream just like I can’t figure out when Ford Truck Month ends. I hope this gadget wasn’t important. What does it do?

Genesis 41:1-7   Two years passed and Pharaoh had a dream: He was standing by the Nile River. Seven cows came up out of the Nile, all shimmering with health, and grazed on the marsh grass. Then seven other cows, all skin and bones, came up out of the river after them and stood by them on the bank of the Nile. The skinny cows ate the seven healthy cows. Then Pharaoh woke up.

He went back to sleep and dreamed a second time: Seven ears of grain, full-bodied and lush, grew out of a single stalk. Then seven more ears grew up, but these were thin and dried out by the east wind. The thin ears swallowed up the full, healthy ears. Then Pharaoh woke up—another dream.


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