the daily purge 2-28-17


How many coffee mugs does a family need? In my house, four. I started drinking coffee probably around six or seven years old. If that happened today, my parents would have been taken into custody. Lucky for me I was raised by wolves in the wild west days of fatty foods, second hand smoke, unsupervised playtime in the creek during spring flooding, and occassional gun play.

Here is a box of coffee mugs being sent off to resale. Isn’t there always that one mug in a box that doesn’t behave like the others? In the Old Testament, it was Lot’s wife who turned to look at the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and was made into a pillar of salt. In my house, it is usually Our Marta who sees life from a different point of view. Other stand alones? It was Nathan Hale who stood his ground and accepted his fate and the end of a British rope fighting for American independance. It was Nathan Lane who dared Hollywood to star him in the film, Mousehunt, and still went on to have a career in motion pictures. Rosa Parks stood a nation on its ear by defying culture and sitting where she pleased on a bus. Mahatma Ghandi brought an empire to its knees by merely standing and allowing himself to be beaten by clubs and canes. Arthur alone pulled Excalibur from the stone so we’d have a song to remember the Kennedys by. The list goes on and on.

1 Samuel 17:41-51

As the Philistine paced back and forth, his shield bearer in front of him, he noticed David. He took one look down on him and sneered—a mere youngster, apple-cheeked and peach-fuzzed.

The Philistine ridiculed David. “Am I a dog that you come after me with a stick?” And he cursed him by his gods.

“Come on,” said the Philistine. “I’ll make roadkill of you for the buzzards. I’ll turn you into a tasty morsel for the field mice.”

David answered, “You come at me with sword and spear and battle-ax. I come at you in the name of God-of-the-Angel-Armies, the God of Israel’s troops, whom you curse and mock. This very day God is handing you over to me. I’m about to kill you, cut off your head, and serve up your body and the bodies of your Philistine buddies to the crows and coyotes. The whole earth will know that there’s an extraordinary God in Israel. And everyone gathered here will learn that God doesn’t save by means of sword or spear. The battle belongs to God—he’s handing you to us on a platter!”

That roused the Philistine, and he started toward David. David took off from the front line, running toward the Philistine. David reached into his pocket for a stone, slung it, and hit the Philistine hard in the forehead, embedding the stone deeply. The Philistine crashed, facedown in the dirt.

That’s how David beat the Philistine—with a sling and a stone. He hit him and killed him. No sword for David!

Then David ran up to the Philistine and stood over him, pulled the giant’s sword from its sheath, and finished the job by cutting off his head. When the Philistines saw that their great champion was dead, they scattered, running for their lives.


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