the daily purge 2-23-17


The Purging Lutheran was a big fan of board games long ago but now that I am a captain of publishing who has time for fun AND games? Stratego* was a fun game but now that I am a captain of publishing I have no time for fun AND games. I like this old-timey scene from the mid-60s or earlier showing how things really were back then. Karen, the daughter, is Mom’s opponent. Her name is Helen. The son, Bobby, came in from playing in the backyard with the neighborhood kids. The father, Robert, just came home from Sam’s Bar after having some after-work drinks with the boys from the office. Robert is a manager at his father-in-law’s accounting firm. He has a desk that has a picture of his family on it and his name plate. He has a telephone, a dictation machine, and a calculator. All perfectly normal, you say. But Robert has a dark side. He is a spy for the Soviet Union. In six days, his cover will be blown and he will abandon his family and friends to return to Glorious Mother Russia with all the ill gotten gain he has garnered. He has a plan. A secret plan. He has a secret lockbox (in which he keeps secret bank accounts and corporate secrets and a key for a locker at the bus station where he keeps a key for an escape boat he keeps locked in San Francisco Bay) in a filing cabinet that he keeps locked with a key he keeps in a drawer he locks with a key he keeps behind his diploma on the wall in his office which he keeps locked with a key in a building he unlocks in the morning and locks in the evening with the lone building key he keeps in a pant pocket that has an unnoticed hole tearing in the bottom.

Where does Robert’s future lie? Will it be as a Hero of The People with a parade in Moscow Square? Or will it end in a federal US prison in a cell where the key has been thrown away?

My Sweet Rib and I cleared many board games from our home and sent them to Goodwill Industries so someone else can have fun.

*During the Bush Administration, 2001-2009, Stratego was officially named Strategery to capitalize on the president’s penhant for mispronouncing seemingly simple words.

Ecclesiastes 12:14   And that’s it. Eventually God will bring everything that we do out into the open and judge it according to its hidden intent, whether it’s good or evil.


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