the daily purge 2-21-17


The P Lutheran wishes I hadn’t given this away. Not because I ever played it but because it was pretty neat to have. Playing pieces like the three-eyed fish or the Homermobile is a sign of status. And what can be more prestigious than being the owner of “Monorail!” or operating a Lard Lad Donuts franchise? Very little. But purged it I did. I guess Parker Brothers have gotten a little greedy by loaning the rights to their trademark to sell versions representing any city with a fat checkbook. I hope it served them right when they did a version for Atlanta, Georgia. I hope when the city reps met with the designer they said,

“The name of the first street is Peachtree Lane.”

“Oh, that’s cute”, the designer said.

“Then the next one is Peachtree Lane South.

“Oh, that’s neat. A street with a similar name”.

“The third street is Peachtree Lane North.”

“OK, that makes sense. If one goes ‘south’ it only stands to reason that one would go ‘north’.

“And the next one is Peachtree Lane West.”

“Hmm. Wait a minute! Are they all named Peachtree Lane?

“No, the next one is Peachtree Avenue.

“Wait, isn’t there a Peachtree Lane East?

“Huh? Why would we do that? Do you think we’re idiots?”

“Uh, no, of course not. Peachtree Avenue. Got it. What’s next?”

Peachtree Avenue East.”

“Aw, geez.”

“Hank, I don’t have time to talk with this Yankee here. I gotta gota lunch. You read ’em.”

“OK, Jeb. Alrighty, we have

Peachtree Creek Road,

Peachtree Lane Court,

Peachtree Avenue Circle,

Peachtree Circle West,

Peachtree Circle Court,

Peachtree Court West, 

Peachtree Drive,

Peachtree Plaza,

Peachtree Way,

Peachtree Memorial Drive,

New Peachtree Road,

Old Peachtree Road,

Teenaged Peachtree Road,

Peachtree Walk,

and Peachtree Valley Road.

Now remember that West Peachtree Street is not the western branch of Peachtree Street, but a parallel major north-south street that is west of Peachtree Street.

We got Peachtree Battle Avenue, commemorating the Battle of Peachtree Creek and Peachtree-Peachtree Road what runs between Peachtree Street and Peachtree, Georgia.”


Note: I looked up street names for Peachtree City, Georgia and found only two streets with ‘Peachtree’ in their names: South Peachtree Way and North Peachtree Way.

Fun fact: The Georgia state motto is “Wisdom, Justice, Moderation”.

Proverbs 25:26    A good person who gives in to a bad person
is a muddied spring, a polluted well.


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