the daily purge 2-10-17


How many wires can A Purging Lutheran have around the house? Looking back on it I might have been able to strip the wires, collect the copper and sold them for many dollars bill. But I didn’t. I chose the way of the underactive and just dropped them in a box and let G’will sort them out. What is ‘Jabra’? I don’t know. It does remind me of the Star Wars figure, Jabba the Hutt.

Jabba: Han ma boo-kee, keelee ka-lya dooka. Wadja da boolya ra Moy ka cheesa crispa Greedo?

Translate: Han my boy, you disappoint me. Why haven’t you paid me and why did you fry poor Greedo?

I always liked the idea of opening a Star Wars-themed coffee shop called “Java the Cup” and sell drinks named R2D2Tea,  Hoth Frozen Coffee (served in a Red Han Solo cup), packaged Darth Roasted Coffee, and slices of Boba Fetta Cheese. I’ll sell you this idea for a shiney nickel. Deal? Deal!

Job 7:10 (MSG)  “They don’t return to visit their families; never again will friends drop in for coffee.”


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