the daily purge 2-8-17


A few days ago The Purging Lutheran was accused on my side series, the view from the pew, of using ‘filler’- extra nouns, adverbs and redundant punctuation as well as thoughts and ideas stolen from great thinkers to lengthen my essays. While this is most certainly true, let me say cheating isn’t as easy you might think. To avoid getting caught I sometimes have to copy something from a site, paste it onto mine, then jigger the words around to look like my own. Then there is the time I waste feeling bad about it until I get over it and pretty soon I’m five minutes behind schedule. Don’t ever think the work of an artist never takes its toll on the artist. Let’s take today for example. I have purged a simple wire. What can I say about it? Not much. It hooked one piece of electronics to another piece of electronics. Why is it so short? To keep the two pieces of electronics close together because they’ve grown rather accustomed to each other? That’s possible, but I think the real, and scientific, reason is because the longer the wire the less efficient electrons get between their locations. They grow weaker the further they have to run. Plus there are more distractions such as billboards, stuff on the side of the road, as well as shoestrings coming loose. If just one electron stops to re-tie a shoe the next thing you know a zillion others are backed up and your fancy computer calculations come to a grinding halt. It sounds pretty unbelievable.

How I meant to defraud the internet today was to find, copy and paste a poem about a wire. It sounds easy until you go looking for one. There was only one poem about a wire and it concerned itself with an electric wired fence keeping a cow from escaping the herd. How boring is that? Very. So, let’s just leave the wire as it is and say my family didn’t need it anymore and we got rid of it.

Proverbs 16:8   Far better to be right and poor than to be wrong and rich.


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