the daily purge 1-30-17


The T P Lutheran is purging a cordless car phone charger. It requires a cord but I don’t know where it is. Maybe it was placed in a box and sent to the trash, or eaten by a hongry dog, or stolen by a surfer at the beach. Even though it does not have a cord this charger appears to have another purpose. I see in the lower dead center of the picture a piece of flat metal. It looks like a sharp blade, better known as a ‘shiv’ in the ‘big house’. What kind of person would need to exact revenge on someone after having fully charged his phone? Crime comes in all suits and sizes, I guess. One moment you’re digging a hole in your back yard to plant a mulberry bush, the next you’re being wheeled into the ER after having been beaned with a flower pot by the neighbor across the street. Who can figure? You don’t even know the guy’s name but you always waved to him when he was washing his car. Maybe he was paid to do it by your brother-in-law who owes you money. Or maybe he’s just a nut. Either way, you’re on the hook for your medical deductible and 80% of your meds because your employer has a crummy health care plan. Life is kind of dumb that way.

Luke 13:1-5

About that time some people came up and told him about the Galileans Pilate had killed while they were at worship, mixing their blood with the blood of the sacrifices on the altar. Jesus responded, “Do you think those murdered Galileans were worse sinners than all other Galileans? Not at all. Unless you turn to God, you, too, will die. And those eighteen in Jerusalem the other day, the ones crushed and killed when the Tower of Siloam collapsed and fell on them, do you think they were worse citizens than all other Jerusalemites? Not at all. Unless you turn to God, you, too, will die.”


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