the daily purge 1-25-17


In today’s issue of Purgely’s Believe It Or What? we have the remains of a weight machine The Purging L once used. It was kept in our basement away from prying eyes and ears so no one could witness hopeless grunting. What makes this so special isn’t that it isn’t being tossed out like so many treadmills and ab shakers but how it came to be purgeable in the first place. It was broken, the cable snapped, while being used by someone not me. Who broke it? Not muscleman Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not professional wrestler and thinker Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan. Not Dutch kickboxing champion Saskia van Rijswijk. Instead, our weight machine was put to shame by …

DUN Dun dunnnnnn

Our Marta

I came home from somewhere one day to her, My Sweet Rib and The Lad standing around the kitchen behaving awkwardly as though something awkward had happened. When ‘things’ happen, it is left to MSR to soften the blow by telling me what the ‘thing’ is. She explained that Our Marta broke the weight machine. Huh? But how is that possible? I think maybe they thought I’d be upset but all I did was move back slowly from my daughter, partly out of fear but mostly out of respect.

Psalm 144:12 (The Message)

Make our sons in their prime
like sturdy oak trees,
Our daughters as shapely and bright
as fields of wildflowers.


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