the daily purge 1-4-17


This is a trophy The Lad won long ago when he was involved with Tae Kwon Do. It is for first place, sparring division. It meant that when he was 12 or so he could, if he desired, k-nock you around and there was very little you could do about it. He never desired to k-nock anyone around but it was nice having a human Swiss army k-nife by your side in case of apocalypse. This trophy had a TKD fella on top showing off a deadly move, but somewhere along the way he became missing. Did he just break off and got thrown away? Did he come to life and escape to South Korea? Who can know this answer? This trophy has since been tossed into the garbage and will soon spend time with other garbage in a landfill.

Long ago My Sweet Rib and her The P Lutheran used to hang out in Broad Ripple, haven for colored hair, tats, goths and bars. There was a trophy shop with display windows showing off their various trophies for sale. When we’d walk by I’d point to a random trophy and say, “Yeah, I got that trophy for starting the Korean War”. As we walked she’d point to another trophy and ask what I did to get that one. “Oh, that was for ending the Korean War”. Others were “Yeah, I got that one for climbing a tree to pull the top leaf off with my teeth” followed by “Oh, I got that trophy for spending a year in a body cast”. Anyway, that trophy shop is long gone, replaced by, I think, a bar, like Broad Ripple needs another hip-hop-happenin’ place to drink craft beers (yugh!).

Proverbs 21:15   When justice is done, it is a joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers.




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