the daily purge 1-3-17


These ‘keep-’em-orderly’ storage units came in handy when The Lad and My Marta were being homeschooled. They attended Hope Christian School, financed by My Sweet Rib and operated by The Purging Lutheran. Our mascot was the Hope Christian School Bunny. We had a school song, certainly not a ‘fight song’ because who feels like ‘rasslin’ when school starts at ~9:00 AM? Nobody, that’s whom. If Our Marta or MSR will send me the lyrics I will publish them. I’m pretty certain The Lad refuses to remember them.

After the children started up again in public school these storage units mostly held crayons, colored and coloring papers, glitter (ugh), markers, stickers, beadsbeadsbeads, baseball cards, wires, and a big ol’ mess of grits you’d normally find in a child’s desk drawer.

MSR recently travelled to Japan. She became enamored with something called a ‘capsule hotel’ where the rooms resemble the drawers in the picture above. These were rooms/beds/shelves equipped with pillows and a bankie, smaller shelves to put your stuff and a little light to read books by. They didn’t pull out like your silverware drawer but you had to crawl in and twist yourself to fit. While she was thrilled with the novelty of it she was also thrilled to get a pleasant sleep that one evening. If MSR was a sheet of paper, worn out marker, a paper clip or a pictured button given out at band camp she would have slept equally well in one of the drawers you see here.

Hmm, my wife as a paper clip. Hmm.

Anyway we sent this away to the re-sell place up the street.

Jeremiah 31:26   At this I awoke and looked around. My sleep had been pleasant to me.


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