the daily purge 11-8-16

[Before The Purging Lutheran starts today’s purge, I have to rescind yesterday’s Ball-in-a-Cup purge. My Sweet Rib was shocked to read that I was purging a piece of family lore and ‘suggested’ that we keep it. OK. The world’s most beautiful woman wins.] Another wire? Really, TPL? Yes. The wind was taken out of my…… Continue reading the daily purge 11-8-16

the view from the pew 11-5-16

What better time to work on ‘the view’ than during library duty between Sunday services? I am separated by a glass wall between the library and the commons area where up to 200 people swarm the doughnut holes like Biblical locusts. It’s lonely here, like being the cow display in the Wisconsin Zoo. Saturday service.…… Continue reading the view from the pew 11-5-16

the daily purge 11-4-16

Yesterday, while puttering around the house putting this here and folding that shirt there I thought I was suffering from auditory hallucinations. In the middle of a scrub scrub here and a scrub scrub there I’d hear a distant mew. I’d stop, stand still, hear nothing, then back to it. Then another ‘mew’. Listen. Rinse.…… Continue reading the daily purge 11-4-16