the purging lutheran (greatest hits)

Aside from a coffin, what worse job could there be than being a bath mat? 3-10-14 NOTE: [ I came into work this morning at TPL Industries and found this note taped to the front desk – Frank, I’m taking a few days off to hitchhike to St Louis to ‘find myself’. I’ll be back…… Continue reading the purging lutheran (greatest hits)

the view from the (warm) pew 11-23-16

Thanksgiving Eve Vespers vespers – a service of evening prayer in the Divine Office of the Western Christian Church. There is something soft and cozy about church service in the evening. The weather in November is colder, and raining today, but the hvac keeps the pews warm. The focus is tighter because outside distractions are…… Continue reading the view from the (warm) pew 11-23-16