casting bread

It’s only known in Heaven how many persons are grieving this accident. Sons and daughters, wives and fathers, friends, church members, friends of the police force, and all the unknowns affected by Norman, Selma, and Johnathan through their years combined. Think of the number of humans you come into contact with over a day or a week or a month. Count all their gentle words, helpful actions, tasks completed, the Gospeling of the Christ, the ‘pleases’, the ‘thank yous’, the ‘forgive mes’ and the ‘how can I help you?s’ and multiply those by 135 years. A constant ripple of good tidings started by casting bread upon the waters

Ecclesiastes 11:1-2
Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days.
Give a portion to seven, and also to eight; for thou knowest not what evil shall be upon the earth.

and it comes back as the same bread of life but, with our confusion, it carries the answers to our tears and grief which will one day turn to wonderment and joy.


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