the daily purge 11-2-16


The Purging Lutheran calls it an ‘idiot candle’. The ‘candle’ is the candle and the ‘idiot’ is me. It is about one foot tall and the candle is way down yonder in the tube and the wick is even way down yondier. So why purge this handsome flambeau? Because it is very difficult to light. You can not light it with a regular pack-o-matches match because it is too small plus your hand can not fit in the opening. You could light it with a long, wooden match or a fireplace lighter, you know, the type with the very long snout, but the longer you hold the match/lighter upside down, the flame gets spooked by the wick, reverses direction and flees upward and outward. Except your hand is in the way.

(insert pained anguish here)

The only persons I’m aware of who would find lighting this candle child’s play are

1. Joshua, a character in the movie, Lethal Weapon, played by Gary Busey, and

2. G. Gordon Liddy, convicted conspirator, burglar, and wiretapper for his role in the Watergate scandal.

These individuals proved they were two tough hombrés by holding lighters under their arms allowing their skins to be burned then just shrugging it off. Joshua is a fictional character so he doesn’t exist and G. Gordon is retired, living his life in comfortable surroundings.

So away goes the difficult candle holder.

psalm 119:105   Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.


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