the daily purge 10-26-16


The Purging Lutheran will never argue with Earl Tupper again. And by ‘never argue’ I mean ‘never purge another of Earl’s tuppers ever again’. The fine folk at Goodwill Industries have made at least a handful of shiney nickels from the T’ware I’ve sent them. But no more!  My Sweet Rib and I used this particular ‘ware to make instant pudding. Instructions for instant pudding include ‘shaking for sixty seconds’. This baby was perfect for shaking pudding but because I suffered a case of ‘donation brain’, unless we happen upon another of this style one day, we will never eat pudding again. There were only two puddings worth eating anyway and those were chocolate and vanilla. And, no, not tapioca, or rice, or liver and kidney, or Pennsylvania Dutch hog maw, or gorilla, or groaty, or cornmeal mush, or or or. These are the kinds of ‘fascinating local treats’ you ate on vacation once and rather than admit defeat you made up reasons why everyone in your family should suffer at the holidays.

Psalm 12:2   They speak falsehood to one another; With flattering lips and with a double heart they speak.




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