the daily purge 10-21-16


Ay, caramba! (minced oath)

The dollars bills spent on Dvds and Cds and tapes and tapes for recording Indycar and F1 races, movies, music videos and news events. Dzīpers! And how many of these has T Purging L ever gone back to watch? Hardly any, meine Freunde, hardly any. I am business’s best friend. Show me a toy and wheeeeee!, gotta have it. Not so much anymore but great giggity gargoyles! was I a fool for so many years. I was consumerism’s best bud. In 1901 economist Emily Fogg-Meade wrote an article about advertising and it’s ultimate use. She said, “We are not concerned, however, with the ability to pay but the ability to want and choose.” So there you have it. You can be broke, just buy on credit and give them a reason to make more to sell.

Ecclesiastes 5:10   He who loves money will not be satisfied with money, nor he who loves wealth with his income; this also is vanity.



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