the daily purge 10-19-16


Before The Purging Lutheran explains what I am tossing out today, I feel it necessary to apologize for yesterday’s purge.

I apologize.

Honestly, who ever heard of someone who kept bugs from escaping a house just so they could find a way to abuse themselves? Only a dumb bunny would suggest that and yesterday I was that dumb bunny. Again, sorry.

Today’s purge object is hard to identify because of the poor quality of the picture. These are the innards of a computer, bought, used, replaced, cannibalized, and finally pitched out. It was owned by The Lad and he knew to take the useful, expensive parts out for later use.

Do you believe this?

If I said it was a picture taken of an unidentified flying object that crashed near Roswell, New Mexico back in 19-aught-47, could you convince yourself that I was telling the truth? What do your ‘itching eyes’ tell you? Sometimes we see what we want to see. Or hear. Or smell.

Good day.

2 TIMOTHY 4:3   For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but having itching ears, they shall heap to themselves teachers in accordance with their own lusts.


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