purgepourri 10-8-16


Sometimes a guy has something to say about an ‘it’ but doesn’t have much to say about it but still wants to say it but it doesn’t deserve its own post. After awhile these ‘its’ build up and they need to be dealt with. Purgepourri is meant to be a sort of internet kitty litter bag, filled with its and tossed out. These are mostly movie reviews, a concert review when applicable, and other mishes and mashes.



Paranormal Activity – The Ghost Dimension (2015)

Amazon Prime Movie
This is another in a long line of ‘found footage’ films. The premise is actually pretty interesting in that the haunted house in question is connected by a time portal with a previous house that burned down on the same lot. Is there something that makes this movie off-putting? Yes, it’s the bad parenting. Dad sets up a camera in their young daughter’s room and records an evil spirit hovering over her as she sleeps. Instead of grabbing the daughter, a basket full of clothes and hightailing it out of the house, they leave the daughter in the room to film the monster some more. Everybody gets what they deserve for being stupid. Still it’s entertaining.
This film gets three ghostly apparitions out of five

Titanic (1997)
Netflix Movie
It took me a few years to get tired of the characters in this film. Now I fast forward to when the ship hits the iceberg and watch until the backend of the ship starts its final plunge. Plus I skip all the mumbo jumbo ‘‘Jack!” this’ and ‘‘Rose!’ that’ in between. Then I have more time for a bowl of ice cream.
The middle of this film gets four chunks of ice out of five.

Alice Cooper – A Troubled Man for Troubled Times Tour (2016)
Back in 1973 I went to an Alice Cooper concert at the state fairgrounds. In 2016 I went to an Alice Cooper concert at the Murat Theater in downtown Indianapolis. I might well have just gone to the bathroom during the concert in ‘73 and come out in ’16 to the same show. Little has changed with The Coop! What a fun concert! Both times. Alice, of course, isn’t quite as spry as he was then but I suspect he has learned to economize his movements. Still, whether just standing or moving about (and he moved around a lot) he put on an entertaining 2+ hours of his hits. My faves were Under My Wheels, Public Animal #9, and Halo of Flies. Then the final six songs. AC payed tribute to four friends: Jim Morrison, Keith Moon, David Bowie, and Lemmy Kilmister. He held up a Morrison gravestone but didn’t play any The Doors music. The other three had hanging banners. For Keith the band played Pinball Wizard. For Bowie they sang Suffragette City. And Lemmy, of Motorhead, Ace of Spades. These were followed by Eighteen, School’s Out, and the encore, Elected!. Alice is always running for president. His ten major planks per his PR release:

1. Getting Brian Johnson back in AC/DC
2. A snake in every pot
3. No more pencils, no more books
4. Adding Lemmy to Mt Rushmore
5. Rename Big Ben “Big Lemmy”
6. Groucho Marx on the $50 bill
7. Peter Sellers on the £20 note
8. Cupholders required for every airplane seat
9. Ban on talking during movies in movie theaters
10. Ban on taking selfies, except on a designated National Selfie Day

I give this show 5 guillotines out of five.

Note: This is the first concert where I have seen ‘signers’, the people who speak sign language for the deaf. They were busy signing away to people who needed the service. It was oddly appropriate.

Glenn Owen Dodds (2011)
Amazon Prime Movie
If you have Amazon Prime, look up their short movies. They have a bunch that are anywhere from a minute to 15 or 16 minutes. Most of them are horror shows but not all. Even so, they are well done because the director can’t waste scenes to make a short video.
Glenn Owen Dodds is a ~15 minute story about a man walking down the street when he happens upon a line of people waiting to enter a non-descript building. People exit one at a time, most with sad looks on their faces. The man joins the line at the end and asks the fellow in front of him what everyone is waiting for. The gentleman says, “We’re waiting to talk to God.” I’ll just leave it at that.
I give this short four umbrellas out of five.


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