the daily purge 10-3-16


Say, there, Mr T Purging L, what is this? It is unpleasant to look at because it’s fuzzy and yuuuge.

Well, neighbor, this is an i-Phone/Pod/Pad charger. Into either of these slots you insert a cord from the desired i-P— you want re-charged and plug t’other end of this baby into a wall socket. Excess electricity, wandering around the wires in your house looking for something to do, senses the device being plugged and races to that outlet. Made out of mostly electrons but mixed with inert elements to keep it from going crazy, electricity jumps into the charger, lines itself up, then dashes down the wire into your i-Whatever where it replaces worn out electrons (called neutrons). These neutrons are then pushed out into the wires of the house and shoved into even bigger wires leading to a power station where they are cleaned, waxed, buffed, fed and sent to a turbo generator waiting reassignment. Electricity can be used to power other appliances such as refrigerators or HVAC units. You can live in a home where some like it hot in the winter or enjoy a cool, crisp cucumber in summer. It’s just another miracle of The Industrial Revolution. Or is it?

This particular charger developed a faulty wobbler bearing and became dangerous to use. My Sweet Rib made me take a picture of it and throw it away.
Psalm 97:4   His lightnings lit up the world; The earth saw and trembled.


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