the daily purge 9-30-16


Power adapters come and go in a home full of electronics. When The Purging Lutheran finds one, it is his duty to find the accompanying modern doo-dad it powers. Chances are I’m not going to find it because there are sooooooo many toys, pads, miniature computers, games, and other pluggable etceteras crammed in boxes or upon shelves. This adapter ended up in adapter heaven.

Back when I was a scrawny lad at the beginning of The Industrial Revolution, many of my friends and neighbors were introduced to labor-saving devices such as looms and spinning frames. They left menial jobs such as sewing mittens for kittens, or making noodles for poodles, to invest in factories that could manufacture hundreds of shirts per day for few money and sell them for many money. Local troublemaker, Ned Ludd, took offense to this new technology and destroyed two spinning frames. Thus began the group known as Luddites, people who rail against technology. As quaint as this seems, I have no doubt that had My Sweet Rib and I raised our family in a modest home with few electronics we’d be swimming in gold doubloons this very day. Yarghy! The money we have spent updating, downloading or replacing our toys makes me believe we might have retired years ago, rode our Conestoga to the sweet rolling hills of Virginny, staked our claim and spent our days throwing hymns at the sunset.

Psalm 40:3   He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God; Many will see and fear And will trust in the LORD.


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