the daily purge 9-5-16


Some of youse might recognize these bits and pieces. They are being tossed out because they are worn and needing of replacement. They are parts of a CPAP machine. ‘CPAP’ means

Continuous – this good; it means all the time it’s being used

Positive – positive is always good or, in this case, ‘positive’ (trust me, you don’t want negative air)

Airway – the ‘air’ in ‘airway’ is the important part here. The way it goes can vary but without the ‘air’ there ain’t no ‘way’

Pressure – this seems like a pushy word but it’s what pushes the air into my lungs so I don’t suffer from sleep apnea ( a = without; pnea = breath)

Without going into details of how I wrestled death into a headlock, let me say that our nation’s healthcare system is top notch, the big cheese, kahuna of kanunas, head of the class, the big toe of the medical foot, big gun, tallest player, leader of the band, head honcho, big chief, the person with advantages over the rest, big shot, supremo, and other boss-related euphemisms. It’s been about a year(?) and a half since I started using my CPAP. Why do I use one? Because my heart’s four ventricles don’t beat in concert with each other. This causes me to have sleep apnea. It’s that thing where you stop breathing for several minutes in the middle of the night, then your heart sends a WAKE UP! call to your lungs to get a’move on. Then you blurt out a great and mighty snört waking those in the blast zone. You either roll over and start over again or stumble to the bathroom. I want my heart to have a steady beat like the pausarius, the fellow who controls the speed of the oars on a Roman galley (see: Ben Hur). I do not want my heart to beat the way of crazy jazz gadabout, Gene Krupa ( see: The Gene Krupa Story). It’s the jolt the heart undergoes that messes things up. What is today’s lesson? Do as your doctor says.

Isaiah 53:5   But he was pierced for our transgressions, and he was crushed for our iniquities. The punishment that brought our peace was on him; and by his stripes we are healed.


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