the daily purge 8-5-16


I’m kind of sorry that The Purging Lutheran sent these crayons packing to Goodwill up the street from The Gatwick Farm. It’s not because they have bright and vivid colors, or that they are preferred by teachers or even that there are 16 of them. I never noticed that these crayons are non-toxic. Is this a thing? Have crayons ever been dangerous to mankind? Have they caused the rise and fall of nations? Did they separate married couples? Did the Allies use them against the Axis powers rendering their propaganda ministries ineffectual due to contaminated zealots? They might have but if so, they only played a minor part in its ultimate downfall. As much as I keep my opinions close to the vest, I’m forced to state that I, for one, am in favor of non-murderous art supplies. Friendly chalk is better than evil pastel paints. Morally strong colored graphite pencils are preferable over heavily leaded semigloss paint. It goes on and on. Parents! Read the labels of what you buy your children for art class. Retirees! Read the ‘how to use’ label when you buy a welder’s torch. Don’t burn your nose.

L’art pour l’art!

Song of Songs 4:7

You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.


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