the view from the pew 7-30-16

It will be a sad day for me when Pastor Sattler retires from the pulpit. He’s a science geek and frequently incorporates “didjyaknows?” into his lessons. He mentioned in the sermon about something called the ‘atrial kick’. This happens to a baby on the 22nd day after conception when their heart starts to beat. Her heart, his heart, your heart, everyone’s heart beats on its own without help of conscious thought. The same goes for breathing. If you had to think about keeping your heart hearting and lungs lunging you would never get a good night’s rest. The rest of the sermon was about not just exercising your heart physically to keep it strong but also exercising your heart spiritually by praying, reading scripture, attending worship on a regular basis as well as loving and helping others.

I came across an unplanned child. She was a beautiful red-haired rose, five or six years old and in love with mom and dad. And mom and dad desperately in love with her. I thought about how easy it could have been to end the pregnancy so mom and dad wouldn’t have to spend their later years tending to a child but, instead, traveling and vacationing at their leisure. I imagined sitting in a parallel universe where I could see the same couple but childless. I wondered if I was in that universe where other couples might have had an unplanned baby sitting between them but instead chose to abort the child. This is too easy to go on and on about but I was stunned by how beautiful that one girl was and only by the grace of God that she entered the world.

Psalm 139:13   For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.


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