the daily purge 7-11-16


The Purging Lutheran has received complaints recently that my purges are becoming more predictable from a writing style point-of-view; that they start, middle and end the same way day after day. Some readers claim to have fallen asleep mid-purge. I can understand their complaints so I have asked for a writing partner to help with today’s purge. His name is Charles. Take it, Mr. D.

“They were the best of blinds, they were the worst of blinds.”

Uh … OK, thanks, Charles. I’ll take over from here … somehow. My Sweet Rib has been hit with a well deserved midlife crisis, that her house has become mind-numbingly plain to look at, so she is bent on redecorating with great vigor. With the help of her friend, Danielle A-C, she has loosened up the checkbook and started The Gatwick Housing Reclamation Project of 2016. She hired me to paint the walls and hopefully, but unlikely, to lay laminate flooring through the main floor. One impossible dream at a time, thank you.

So far, we have painted about half the living room a pleasant blue-ish blue color. Very relaxing. And at the risk of having birds, deers and squirrels poking their beaks and noses into our business we removed the blinds we bought when we built our home. Ordinarily a long march in our home begins with a phone call to a trained professional but this year it begins with a single brush stroke. Biddest us great success.

Proverbs 13:4    The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied






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