the daily purge 6-28-16


This is a Spotbot. It is used to clean doo-doos. Spill a red soda cheering for the local home team? This Spotbot does an admirable job of erasing the mark. Get any bookstains when the toddler drops his copy of The Berenstain Bears Eat Sushi and Don’t Pay? Spotbot’ll clean it! Look, if you have ever owned a floor, a shirt, a sock, or a car seat, then you know what a stain is. Though you can’t really use a Spotbot on a sock and wouldn’t recommend using it on a shirt, you can easily use it to clean a floor and with the proper attachments, a car seat. In our home the main threats are named Osborne, Jezebel, Grandé, and Callie. Most of the time they comply with regular potty protocol but there are times when they behave like beatniks and complain that rules are for uptight squares like The Purging Lutheran and My Sweet Rib. My opinion of this? The following are all the Bible verses that mention ‘cats’:







My reactions to what our cats have done have caused me to sin. Isaiah knocks it out of the park for me with three of the four issues mentioned here. I’ll let you guess which three.

Isaiah 59:3   For your hands are defiled with blood And your fingers with iniquity; Your lips have spoken falsehood, Your tongue mutters wickedness.

That’s cats for ya. So short story long, the Spotbot broke under the strain of human and feline stain. A seal went nuts and refused to cooperate. Now it leaks. I’ll cannibalize it and use some parts to replace other parts, if needed, of a new one we just bought online.

Ecclesiastes 1:9   What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun.


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