the view from the pew 6-19-16

It’s Fathers Day. All day. I rec’d an “I love you” from my son, Aleksandrs, and my daughter, Marta. Holiday complete.

It was English language service at the Latvian church today. Susan read both the Scripture reading and church prayers. I had to beg off as my knees and right shoulder had a touch of the rigids (arthritis). Being Communion Sunday, I didn’t want anyone to have to examine themselves over and over again for having uttered murderous threats against me while I dawdled and toddled and shuffled my way back to my pew seat. We Latvians like to have our jots and tittles jotted and tittled just so, and quickly, too! That dinner ham isn’t going to bake itself.

The hymns were like a satisfying four-pitch strike out to end the inning. We sang Praise to the Lord, the Almighty; Rock of Ages; What Feast of Love, and finished with Go, My Children With My Blessing. Easy to sing and pleasing to the soul.

Just in case you ever slip into an English speaking service at a Latvian church, please mind those around you. Most of the congregation will be ooooolder Latvians who don’t speak the English so good. So utter the creeds and prayers and responses

* just *

a little slower than you normally would.

Today’s lesson? A few here and there, but mostly that we are responsible for each other. When a child is baptized in Christ, the Church (you) is responsible (as a father and mother would be) to help raise that child in the faith, not just by teaching the right ways of the Lord but also by not acting like a jerk (my words). How you present yourself to your or any child can have a long lasting effect on them. Call it a restrictive “It takes a village” with just the Church involved. You are engaged in the spiritual upraising of that child. All the wee bundles God has blessed you with are mustard seeds waiting and wanting to be nurtured into yuuuge mustard trees (spiritually of course … I mean no one wants to be a real mustard tree … that’d be silly). Just as God refused to make bread trees, He gave us wheat so we could add water, yeast, and heat so we could experience the same joy of creating that He did making you and your family. Being a father or mother gives you the opportunity to create the greatest living beings, sons and daughters of The Risen Lord.


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