Let’s all go to the lobby film review #4

lagttl_web_homepageEverest (2015)
With Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Brolin, Jason Clarke, and John Hawkes

Many others have reviewed this film in regards to the scenery, fine acting, attention (or lack thereof) to detail, but my view of Everest is that of a cautionary tale. Here’s the deal: mountains are big, humans are small. I, for one, am happy that people climb mountains, fly spaceships, bungee jump, raise large families and so on, those things I wish I’d had the gumption to do but don’t, so I live vicariously through the bravery of others. Climbing Mt. Everest is big business. Companies with experienced climbers accept the money of peeps like you and your neighbors to take them to the top, tag the mountain, then turn around and descend back to jobs, house payments and soiled diapers. The people who lead these climbs have certain rules they live by. Literally.

Theology quiz:
Q: Besides all of them, which is the worst sin?
A: Pride

Pride states that I know better than my Creator how to conduct my affairs. The same applies to mountain climbing. No one knows better how to climb a mountain than the professional who has reached the mountain top several times. If he says, “We have to reach the top by X o’clock or abandon the climb” or ‘If you feel ill, stop and you’ll be escorted back down” then those are the rules. Pretty simple if truth be told. In Everest, however, pride leads some of these climbers to ignore the rules and suffer consequences. Even those who make the rules, and break them, put themselves in peril. Yes, I sound like a dad, but for good reason: I don’t want those under my care to suffer. So, if your mom, your boss, your sergeant, your HVAC professional, or your local gendarme tells you to keep your head low, then it is best to heed that advice. I give this film 8 out of 10 oxygen bottles.


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